Science Co-Op

This year our children have been learning biology through the medium of dissection.  This involves a Biology Lab and Lecture including exit oral on various creatures.  This Co-op is designed for grades 5th-12th.  Mr. Ray Gallegos has been volunteering his time teaching these dissection classes.  We are looking into an incubator to study bacteria either during the summer or in the fall when school starts up again.  Anyone interested in jumping in on the lessons can contact us. 
Tentative schedule:
Cell (made out of salt dough and painted with water colors)- January
Grasshoppers - February
Crayfish - March
Perch - April
Sheep hearts - May
Pig hearts - June
Sand dollars - July
White rats - August
Incubator (if it works out) to study bacteria- September

Rachel Curtis,
Mar 15, 2016, 2:18 PM